About the Comenius-Project H2O-Resources

The aim of the H2O-Resources partnership is that all participating partners will promote the awareness of people and pupils on how water is used in their region and examine various incentives that may be employed in order that the consumers are motivated to use less water in their every day lives thus conserving water and contributing towards sustainable development. In addition, each partner will examine the water manipulation in their area for industrial, domestic and agricultural use.

The results will be disseminated in order to learn from one another and to create the necessary public participation in an effort to raise awareness and wider understanding which lead to the improvement of the attitude of pupils towards using water wisely as well as towards other relevant environmental, energy, economical and social issues.

In addition H2O-Resources will examine through the partners involved in the partnership the actions which are most effective in creating the necessary conditions for achieving the most favorable results (workshops, CDs, booklets, recommended practices etc.). Furthermore, these actions will be communicated by the school to the local authorities and organizations dealing with water supply for consideration and finding holistic sustainable solutions.

The aim of the project is to furnish information and hold lessons in the participating schools in order to inform and make pupils aware of water conservation issues within their households and living environment in general and to promote changes in the attitude of the people towards water.

In addition we can catch the heart and the spirit of the stakeholders and learners, which is more than normal participation and moderation techniques and much more than theoretical PowerPoint presentations. There are new approaches, which combine old and established reliable methods like retreats, worldcafe, circles and excursions to existing positive examples and newly developed ones, like the u-theory methods from MIT Institution of management .

Here you can download the successful application!