Reports from Spain



Pupils of Santomera are presenting their work about water-resources


Teacher: Natalia Moreno Pérez

TARGET GROUP:  3rd Secondary

Work: Window Dressing.



Kind of products: CHILDREN´S SWINWEAR


How do we decide the theme to decorate our Shop Window?

The window dressing is a part of the subject of Commerce that some students learn in our school. These students have participated in the creation of a shop window related to the theme of Water.

First of all, they thought in the kind of products that they wanted to show: KIDS CLOTHES and , keeping the window theme in mind, they chose children´s swinwear.

The idea of making the botton of the sea came for the importance of sea water in our lifes: lots of animals live there, and nowadays we use water sea in desalination plants and after that we drink it or irrigate gardens, fields… That is the reason why our slogan was: BEST OF THE TREASURE IS INSIDE THE SEA, and that was the message to be transmitted trough the window.





The first step  preparing a showcase is the realization of a note or sketch on paper to serve as the basis for final assembly. In the sketch the idea is expressed  within the exhibition space. This was our design:


 In the process of creating this shopwindow about the sea, we have used for all figures expanded polystyrene. The floor of the shop window, we've covered with a blue paper and over it we have poured beach sand and stones.

On the other hand, we have limited the back wall with two shades of blue paper, sea bottom simulating.
From the ceiling we hung Porex bubbles using invisible thread, and an orange and red fish in large format that the students painted, in order to pay attention to the shop window.

Other products and accessories, swimwear, shoes for bathing, treasure chest, gloves shaped fish, starfish, shells, seashells.